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Information will be coming soon on the on different projects that Dark Effects Productions will be working on for and about Eric Carr.

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As Eric Carr Tribute will soon become something very special that we will all want to enjoy together.
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This is something that we have been wanting to do for some time now, and it is now going to be a reality. Please keep a look out for the next few weeks, for the new domain name.
Dark Effects Productions is now in the works of putting together a
Tribute To Eric Carr Video
More information will be available soon.
Updated On: 05-12-2011
We will be making frequent updates on the site, so please watch out for further great information, articles, interviews and pictures of Eric Carr and his Life
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 Image Hosting - Eric Carr / Bruce Kulick
Image Drawn by fans
Becci Frehley Foxx - Eric Carr Makeup

EXTREME CREATIONZ (The Art Of Billy McGuffey)
Billy McGuffey - Extreme Creationz (Eric Carr Drawing)
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Why we have started the Fan Site
20 yrs ago, we lost someone very dear and very special, not only to the world of music, but to human kind. 12yrs ago. I was given the special opportunity to have shared in the birth of my first and only child. Whom I graced the very special name to him. "Carr" named after Eric Carr. From the moment on, I have always wanted to make something special for him, in honor of his name sake. And with, I am proud to bring to you, Eric Carr Tribute. A Special Site for all Eric Carr Fans alike.
Eric Carr Tribute: Started on December 29, 2002. In memory of Eric Carr and his legacy, we will always remember you and what Your life meant to all of us, and to your family. Long Live The Fox.
Always Remember Eric Carr's Birthday, July 12th 2023
You will always be remembered!
And the day we lost him: November 24, 1991 You will always be remembered Image Hosting - Eric Carr Drawing
What we will not do in this Eric Carr Tribute

Eric Carr Tribute is a website design for and dedicated to one of the most missed and beloved drummers of all time, Eric Carr.
As time goes on, we will never forget the music and the man that helped bring KISS back on top of the music world, with some of the heaviest drum beats since John Bohnam of Led Zeppelin (One of Eric Carr's Hero's and Inspirations).

Please enjoy yourself with Eric Carr Tribute and we hope that as the site grows, that you will grow with us.

Wayne Barron & Sabastian "Carr" Barron
Eric Carr Tribute
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Eric Carr SexyEric Carr
Eric CarrEric Carr Image Hosting - Eric Carr Drums Fox The Elder Era Image Hosting - Eric Carr King Of the Drums
Mamiko Takahama - Eric Carr Drawing Mamiko Takahama
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We offered to host his site on our servers, And we wish you the very best Scott. Image Hosting - Eric Carr Drawing by Regy Image Hosting - Eric Carr Fan Drawing
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